About Our Gold Buying, Selling and Pawn Services

Serving Jacksonville, Florida for over 100 years!

Buying and selling your unwanted gold for cash is easier than ever. Simply come get cash for gold at either of our 2 pawn shops in Jacksonville.

Our experts will test and weigh your gold pieces in front of you on our certified and calibrated scales, then offer you the highest cash for gold payout you will find anywhere in the Jacksonville area.

When you sell gold in Jacksonville with Jax Jewelry & Pawn, our experienced gold appraisers make your privacy and comfort their top priority. You can walk in with your gold and walk out with your cash in minutes, all while enjoying an experience unsurpassed in our industry.

We also take gold in exchange for collateral loans. So, if you have a jewelry box filled with items that you haven’t worn in years, now is the time to turn that unwanted jewelry into cash! Jax Jewelry & Pawn is your trusted cash for gold pawn shop for receiving top dollar for your unwanted jewelry.

We pay top dollar for your gold!

Why Choose Us To
Buy and Sell Gold, or For Your Gold Collateral Loan

Serving Jacksonville, Florida for over 100 years!

As Jacksonville’s oldest, most trusted and highly reviewed, the professionals at Jax Jewelry & Pawn make converting unwanted gold jewelry, watches, coins and other gold pieces into cash quick, easy and efficient.

The purity of the gold will affect your pawn offer, so it’s important to know what you have! Each of our gold appraisers at our cash for gold pawn shops is a specialist in valuing and assessing gold…no matter the condition of your gold items! We GUARANTEE you will receive the highest cash for gold payout in Jacksonville.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will receive a high cash payout in minutes when you sell gold here, all while experiencing the highest level of customer service.

Pawning gold is a good way to make some quick cash, here are some tips to get the most money for your gold.


Jax Jewelry & Pawn wants you to be a customer for life. We strive to achieve this through our revolutionary style of customer service and alternative products created through communication with our customers and combined experiences.

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